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Product Care


Our garments made of beautiful rayon and cotton. Each item is hand screen printed creating their own unique individual personality. No two prints are the same. Prints, colours and shades my differ from garment to garment.


We recommend separately cold hand washing for a long lasting love affair with your new garment. Do not soak. Give it a light spin and hang in a shady cool area to dry, please do not tumble dry.

We suggest using Earth Care Wool Wash which is very gentle on fabrics and prints, many harsh detergents may strip fabrics of their colour especially gold prints. 

When ironing please use a warm setting, we suggest steaming which is gentler on prints and fabric. Kmart has a wonderful inexpensive steamer that is perfect for dresses. 

When washing our Goddess Dress please lay the dress flat to dry as the weight from the water can stretch the straps. We suggest always hanging our Goddess Dresses over a hanger rather than by the straps when storing to ensure they keep their shape.

If you have any queries or concerns we would love to help, send us an email