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The Florence Dress - Black Lace

$95.00 $249.00


Breathtaking long sleeve black lace falling below the bust with a full circle skirt dress made from stretchy intricate rose detailed lace. 

Wear it with a slip or over a body suit. The ultimate dress for a show, festival or special occasion.


This dress has plenty of stretch and loose arms but is true to size in the bust. We recommend sizing off the bust measurement

XS Bust  85cm  | Waist 80cm | Length 130cm
Equivalent to size 8/10

S Bust 90cm | Waist 82cm  | Length 134cm
Equivalent to size 10/12

M Bust 96cm  | Waist 88cm | Length 138cm 
Equivalent to size 12/14

L Bust 94cm | Waist 102cm | Length142 cm 
Equivalent to size 14/16

XL Bust 110cm | Waist 100cm | Length 142cm 
Equivalent to size 18/20


Made from synthetic fabric